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About Me

I'm an international healer working online and currently based in Trier, Germany. For the past 8 years, I have been helping clients from all over the globe heal profound and sometimes hidden wounds that were preventing them from truly enjoying their lives. I offer a safe space for you to open up, embrace what is alive within you and connect with the messages of your soul.

My Story


As you might imagine, I haven't always worked in this profession: it came to find me suddently, a few years ago.

Until then , I had been living a rather conventional life, thinking my heightened sensitivity to be normal. I studied International Communication and Media in The Netherlands, worked in different fields, and traveled. It was during an intense personal struggle, in 2013, that my mediumic abilities suddently started manifesting. To say I felt overwhelmed by this new reality was an understatement, and with little to no guidance to understand what was happening to me, I ended up experiencing a lot of fear and pain. Ashamed of my mistakes, I vowed to close that door for good, dedicating myself to a "normal" life.

But life did not agree with "normal", and two days after swearing to myself I'd keep a low profile at a new job, my abilities manifested again, full throttle, in front of my boss and one of her friends.

No more hiding for me.

Since then, I have been helping clients around the world release old wounds that were preventing them from enjoying their life. Sometimes the wounds come from their experiences or their childhood, buried deep in their subconscious. Sometimes it originates from unexpressed pain from their ancestors, manifesting from the depths of their body. Other times, the wounds would come from the soul, painful remnants of past lives requiring healing.

Whichever the source of the problem, I offer a safe space in which your pain can be freely expressed and transformed.

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