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I often get asked about "what" exactly happens during sessions. Even though it is impossible for me to precisely answer this question - as each consultation is unique - I hope the following lines will grant you a general understanding.

Similarly to a computer network, humans, too, are connected with each other. During a consultation, we start resonating with each other, and I am able to "connect" with you, even if you're on the other side of the world. My body then becomes a mirror of your own, and I am able to feel the places where the energy is not flowing as freely as it should.  As the connection deepens, I receive information as to the possible origins of this blockage. While we explore together the informations I receive, energy flows through you, clearing away the hindrances on its path.

Our intuition is often our best guide when it comes to what we need, and I invite you to simply feel for yourself whether or not my work resonates with you. I believe that choosing a therapist is not just a matter of qualifications, but of personal connection and affinity, just like we have it with teachers. If you have a hunch that I could be the right person to help you, follow it!


Vanessa, France

Audrey est une magicienne, son aide m'a été précieuse, j'ai été très étonnée de voir le comportement de mes filles changer du jour au lendemain, fini les hurlements aux réveils (c'était tous les matins depuis 30 mois et donc totalement inattendu !)


Karin, The Netherlands

Audrey combines uncanny intuitive and healing gifts with a fresh perspective on human psychology.


Tabea, Deutschland

Ich freue mich jedes mal auf die nächste Sitzung mit Ihr. Sie ist wirklich super sympathisch und ich fühl mich jedes mal sehr verstanden und sie hat auch immer einen Lösungsweg parat. Sie gibt mir so einen großen Mehrwert. Ich kann eine Sitzung mit Audrey wirklich jeden empfehlen!!!

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