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Audrey Breuer



Logo  for Audrey Breuer holistic healer : It shows hands holding a heart with a plant growing form it



Holistic Healing takes the entire Human being into account: The body, mind and soul are not adressed as separate entities, but as interacting constituents of our being. Supporting all three levels when adressing pain and trauma allows us to tap into powerful healing resources within us. And unleash our true potential.

Subconscious Sorrows

Our subconscious directs much of our behaviour. Unexplainable anxiety, fears and pain often have their origins in a memory buried deep behind the scenes, unaccessible to the conscious mind. This is especially true for repetitive patterns in our lives, such as issues that won't disappear no matter how many times you change partners or jobs.


During our sessions, I help you access and release these memories. Understanding their message and bringing them into the conscious sphere calls upon powerful transformation and release. 


While science is currently exploring the posibility of this theory, I firmly believe  that we are more than our own memory: Passed on with our DNA are not just genetic building blocks, but also the stories, pains and joys of our ancestors, impacting our lives without our knowing: 

"- I feel like I'm crying someone else's tears" is a recurring sentence I hear during consultations adressing transgenerational issues, along with "I feel like a weight I wasn't aware I was carrying has been lifted.

If you have ever felt like something is preventing you from reaching your potential, but can't quite put the finger on it, transgenerational trauma might be the unexpected answer you've been looking for.

Karmic Scars

Whether one believes in Karma and the fact that we have parallel/ past lives is, of course, up to them. 

Karmic wounds have their origin not in our body, but our soul, and are therefore adressed with great care during consultations.


Working on them has, in my experience, brought about notable transformations, such as for example the freedom from deeply-seated fears.

Karma is not necessarily behind every ailment; and I believe one should look for concrete causes in their current life before adressing the possibility of a karmic wound. They can, however, be part of the problem, which is why I address them during sessions when they spontaneously manifest.

Plants to support your healing process

Because our emotions and our body are connected, I find it important to gently support the body while the mind heals from its wounds.

Aromatherapy and Hydrosols have, in my experience, provided valuable support to the recovery process.

As I am not a certified health professional, please note that all suggestions I might make have to be approved by your health provider first.

Audrey combines uncanny intuitive and healing gifts with a fresh perspective on human psychology.


I’m so impressed with Audrey! She is a highly intuitive and compassionate seer. (...) I absolutely recommend her.


Audrey is a gifted, open and kind human being with an incredible intuitive ability. 


Audrey has helped me find grounding, inner strength and patience at a time when I felt vulnerable, uprooted and lonely.


Work with me


Individual Consultation

A one-hour online session with me!

  • Price: 130 € incl. VAT

Online Workshops

Online Workshops are only offered in French at the moment!


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