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Be yourself - you never know who you are inspiring!

Last week, I did a live on Instagram on which I described the path that led me to embrace my calling as a healer, as well as my mediumnic abilities.

It was a challenging exercise, as it invited me to open up to strangers about my past, and some of its more painful aspects.

I was, however, very surprised by the messages I received afterwards from some people who attended high school with me: they revealed that they were not at all surprised by my revelations that I was a psychic, and that it made perfect sense to them.

I would like to add that I was far from popular in those days, and that I hadn't heard from those who messaged me since graduation. I was therefore astonished that 1) they had watched the live and that 2) they had taken the time to write me afterwards. I realized that, despite appearances, I might have been appreciated by more people than I thought.

So if you ever wonder if you should change who you are, be aware of the fact that someone might be inspired by you, just as you are. Your acts of kindness, your sense of humour, your little spark of craziness might be all it takes to make someone's day, even if they won't tell you.

As you read this, know that you are life's gift to itself.


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