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Therapy Myth: A therapist needs to be perfect!

During my healing journey, I happened to have a common misconception about therapists and healers:

"Because of their knowledge, experience and abilities... they should be perfect, right?"

So naturally, once I discovered my psychic abilities, I put myself under a - pretty insane - amount of pressure. My inner critic was clear: I had to be (at least) a combination of Buddha and Eckhart Tolle before I could open up my practice as a Healer.

But breaking news: no matter how many times I read The power of Now, I remained Human, with all my feelings - and failings!

Because of this blatant imposter syndrome, it took me years before I dared take my calling seriously. It was only after journeying with different therapists and healers that I came to the odd conclusion that the ones I worked with best, were the ones who openly talked about their Humanity.

It is then that I embraced what would become the core of my practice as a Healer: Mistakes are what makes us Human, what connects us and, ultimately, what lies at the root of empathy.

I understood that no matter where you are in life, there are always people you can help, exactly as you are now.

Today, my Humanity is at the core of my practice as a healer: it grounds me, keeps my heart open and allows me to create a safe space for you to open up, heal your wounds and transform.

And because I keep growing, I can keep helping.

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