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Why your mental health is like a plant

When it comes to mental health, we often judge ourselves based on what we believe our mental health "should" be like. When we don't thrive in an environment where others seem to be thriving, we wonder what is wrong with us, while we might, in fact, simply be "planted" in the wrong place.

Plants are just like us: they can only thrive in a favorable environment. A rose can't grow in the desert and a cactus would be overwhelmed in a tropical climate. Yet, none of these plants feel guilty about being who they are and needing what they need. A rose doesn't wonder why it needs so much water to feel good and the cactus doesn't hate itself for being able to retain water.

Just like plants need water, we need relationships that support us and our needs.

Just as they need fertile soil, we need a purpose in life and an environment that enhances rather than diminishes us.

Just as they open to the sun, we open up when our physical and emotional needs are met.

How fulfilled are you with your life right now? Does your environment feel supportive of who you are as a person? If you could change one thing, which would it be?

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