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After a traumatic experience, it is common to feel like we have lost a part of ourselves forever. This innocence, this joy of life we were able to taste just yesterday, suddenly appears gone forever: we feel broken, incomplete, empty. Nothing seems to really matter anymore, because what could be important in a world in which we have ceased to fully exist?

If you are currently going through unbearable pain, if you feel like you will never get out of it, if you feel like whatever has been taken from you can never be returned:




Healing doesn't necessarily mean that you will "go back to how you were before". The experience is there, and it has changed you forever. But, just like a skilled pastry chef, you can use this added ingredient to create a new type of recipe; one you wouldn't have thought possible before: you can live and fully exist WITH whatever happened to you. It is possible. You can climb out of this hole, into yourself. Into your resilience, into self-love, into this profound and gentle sense of inner strength of those who have experienced the unthinkable, and are still able to maintain an open heart.

Yes, trauma makes us lose a part of us. Yet, it also allows us to get in touch with unexpected parts of ourselves: resilience, and a great desire to stop the cycle of violence with us: through our own healing, we contribute to a better world for ourselves and those we care about.

It is my firm belief that ANYONE CAN HEAL. We all have the ingredients within us, just like our immune system is able to heal us. But we can't always do it alone: just like a doctor gives us medicine to support our immune system, we can ask for help to heal the wounds of our soul.

Going to therapy is an act of bravoury. It requires courage, patience, and the desire to take care of the the most sacred relationship in our life: the one we have with ourselves.

I'm here for you if you desire to take the first step on this journey.



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